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2-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft, 4th floor with elevator, rue de l’Universite, Paris 7th, $1000000

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Loft-style apartment in Marais combines best of old and new

this is the excerpt: Fully renovated, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft in a beautiful building, 4th floor with elevator, rue de l’Universite across a park with amazing views, Paris 7th arrondissement, $1000000

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Market Stats

Despite slight slow down in May, Paris’ real estate continues to flourish

A rainy spring and labor strikes are not expected to have a lasting negative impact on Paris’ property market as the country’s economy continues to grow and foreign buyers are drawn by favorable currency exchange rates.

Market Trends
EU Britain flags

With Britain leaving the EU, Paris real estate’s appeal soars

British voters have cast their ballots and the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has won by a small margin. While Brexit has caused the pound to crash and British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, it is expected to benefit the Parisian economy, particularly the luxury real estate sector, set to be boosted by an influx of foreign buyers.

Money Matters and Legal

In Law

French Housing Minister announces top priorities for residential new-build housing

France’s new Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse recently outlined her three main priorities for housing and sustainable habitat. Social and emergency housing as well as environmentally-friendly living are set to take center stage during Cosse’s mandate.

In Law

Paris continues to fight illegal tourist rentals with new public database

The City of Paris has decided to make public the list of tourist rental properties registered by their owners, and thus legally allowed to operate. The move aims to encourage homeowners engaging in short-term rentals to comply with the city’s regulations.

Your Money

French notary fees go down – but the move will only benefit small deals

Fees collected by legal professionals in France are set to decrease, including those paid to notaires. However, savings will only be significant on small transactions while most Paris real estate buyers won’t notice much change at all.

Local Matters

Architecture & Landmarks
Eiffel tower - All yours

Thousands enter contest to sleep in the Eiffel Tower

Four lucky families will get the chance to sleep in the iconic Eiffel Tower over the summer. A competition launched on social media promises to give winners the experience of a lifetime and has already attracted 150,000 entries.

Changing Landscape
Grande Arche

La Défense thrives with new projects and developments

Paris’ business district is undergoing a major revamp, complete with sprawling terraces and gardens, new avenues and towers under construction, organic restaurants and trendy bars.

Paris 1-20
Paris 9th arrondissement

All about the 9th Arrondissement

The 9th is an area that Parisians love and it is easy to see why: a good mix of fresh markets, street shopping, nightlife, theaters, and affordable new restaurants keeps the neighborhoods bustling and make this area highly sought after to live.

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Managing director David Amanou shares his insights on running his business and the state of the Parisian luxury property sector in the wake of rent regulations and the Paris attacks.

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