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2-bed, 2-bath, Apartment for sale in Paris 15th arrondissement, Champ de Mars, €2,200,000

Avenue de Suffren – A luxuriously renovated apartment enjoying a view of the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars. On an upper floor with wide balconies. Parking space.

1-bed, 1-bath, Duplex for sale in Paris 1st arrondissement, Palais Royal, €630,000

Palais Royal-Tuileries. A 43sqm duplex apartment with an 18sqm panoramic terrace.

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Market Stats

Property in Normandy Sees Prices Stabilize in a Busy 2016

While Le Havre was one of the cities to see price falls in 2016, property in Normandy had a great 2016. The year saw a big growth in transactions with a stabilization in prices after 5 years of falls since 2011.

Market Trends

What Would a Fillon Presidency Mean for French Property?

He’s gone from being political underdog to odds-on favorite to become the next French president. A look at Fillon’s property manifesto makes clear his Thatcherite agenda: liberalization, marketization and getting rid of rent controls.

Money Matters and Legal

Your Money

Mortgage Interest Rates Rise for First Time in 2016

On the cards for a few weeks, mortgage interest rates in France rose this week, as a result of an increase in the government’s cost of borrowing. Also, an interesting result of the anticipation has been observed.

In Law

Mayors will have Discretion to Increase Annual Property Taxes on Second Home Owners

The National Assembly has just voted in a measure that will allow mayors to increase the taxe d’habitation on second homes to up to 60%, starting in 2017. The aim is to encourage owners to sell or rent them out on a permanent basis, especially in regions where supply is struggling to meet demand.

Your Money

What can a €1000-a-Month Mortgage Buy in Paris Real Estate and throughout France? has released their city-by-city purchasing power summary for November. It reveals how many m2 you can get with a loan requiring payments of €1000 a month over a 20 year period: in which city could you get a 150m2 mansion, and which will leave you with a basic 25m2 apartment?

Local Matters

Architecture & Landmarks

Eco-Construction Projects Slated to Continue into 2017, in Paris and Nearby Suburbs

Wooden construction has numerous benefits, both aesthetic and ecological. No wonder it’s playing a bigger role in urban planning, with numerous projects started in 2016. A huge office block in the 13th is to be completed by early 2017.

Architecture & Landmarks

The Price of Living Near Paris’ Top Attractions

A recent survey by real estate statistics site calculated the average price per square meter in the 500m radius around Paris’ top 10 tourist attractions, then compared the figures with Paris and arrondissement averages. The results are surprising.

Paris 1-20
Paris 17th arrondissement

All about the 17th Arrondissement

This family-friendly arrondissement has a good share of lovely, prestigious apartment buildings, a bit more affordable than similar properties in the neighboring 16th and 8th arrondissements.

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Managing director David Amanou shares his insights on running his business and the state of the Parisian luxury property sector in the wake of rent regulations and the Paris attacks.

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