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2-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft, 4th floor with elevator, rue de l’Universite, Paris 7th, $1000000

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Loft-style apartment in Marais combines best of old and new

this is the excerpt: Fully renovated, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft in a beautiful building, 4th floor with elevator, rue de l’Universite across a park with amazing views, Paris 7th arrondissement, $1000000

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Market Trends

Gulf between London and Paris Property Prices Narrows

Recent moves in London and Paris property prices have shown that the two cities might be approaching parity. What are the factors behind this trend?

Market Trends

Developers Begin Projects to Turn Paris Office Blocks into Housing

As Fyltyr earlier reported, tax measures were recently passed to encourage private investors to convert vacant office blocks into residential property, as part of efforts to alleviate Paris’ housing shortage. Projects by both commercial and social housing developers are underway.

Money Matters and Legal

Your Money

Is it Your Last Chance to Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates?

Record-low mortgage interest rates in France have buoyed the property market in France for a number of years. Some observers believe we are nearing the end of the steady stream of rate declines, and entering a period of stabilization. A rise in interest rates may even be on the cards for 2017.

In Law

One Year On, One in Two Landlords Flout Paris Rent Caps

More than a year on from the rent caps introduced last year, it has been revealed that half of website listings do not adhere to the new legislation. The numbers reveal nonconformity among both landlords renting directly and estate agents posting on their beh

In Law

New York and Paris Each Move to Regulate Airbnb in Their Own Way

A common cliche holds that France is a bureaucratic and over-regulated mess for corporations, while America lets them run wild. Comparing the policies towards Airbnb in Paris and New York, we see that the adage does not hold true. Recent moves show Paris’s approach to be one of facilitation rather than inhibition.

Local Matters

Architecture & Landmarks

The Price of Living Near Paris’ Top Attractions

A recent survey by real estate statistics site calculated the average price per square meter in the 500m radius around Paris’ top 10 tourist attractions, then compared the figures with Paris and arrondissement averages. The results are surprising.

Changing Landscape

Could Paris’ Housing Shortage Be Solved with Rooms with a View?

The chambre de bonne is to be part of a strategy by the Paris mayor to help quell spiralling rents. Thousands of the tiny loft flats will be converted into units of affordable housing over the next four years.

Paris 1-20
Paris 5th arrondissement

All about the 5th Arrondissement

The historic Latin Quarter has been home to scholars for centuries, it’s pride the world-renown Sorbonne University.

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Managing director David Amanou shares his insights on running his business and the state of the Parisian luxury property sector in the wake of rent regulations and the Paris attacks.

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